WE offer expert Orbital Pipe Welding and critical tube work services.

Essential for industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, brewing, dairy processing and semi-conductor, Stainless Steel is the ideal material for these applications. Resistant to corrosion, which is vital in an industry primarily concerned with product purity and equipment reliability and longevity, expertly engineering this alloy into these facilities is paramount. Orbital welding procedures also minimise the propagation of micro-organisms in pipes and tubes. All our welds are recorded to permit traceability.

We are leaders and experts in the field of orbital welding. We have completed major projects for large breweries and beverage manufacturers where orbital welding was performed on more than 20km of stainless pipes and tubes ranging from 25 mm – 150 mm. Other product experience includes delivering infrastructure work for dairies, baking operations, vegetable processing and flour mills. We also specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of stand alone, skid mounted beverage systems, including PLC and software.