WE have all the equipment for delivering the very best in all matters of fabrication work.

CMC Lathe, Water Jet Cutter and Heavy-duty MIG and ARC Welding Equipment are just a few of the key pieces of machinery and equipment we have on our main site to complete your project. Our state-of-the-art workshop also has both large and small forklifts and a Rear Mounted Twin Steer Crane Truck, with 17 tonne long reach crane mount. And to handle difficult plant relocation operations we have two V-Kart 3 Tonne Cranes to remove equipment. Over time we’ve found, as have our clients, these to be invaluable, as they’ve provided access to hard to get to areas to complete the relocation. The cranes are available in gasoline or electric configuration pending the sites requirements.

CMC Lathe

Water Jet Cutting

Brake press (5mm, 3m long)

Heavy-duty MIG and ARC Welding Equipment

V-Kart 3 Tonne Cranes

Large and Small Forklifts

Rear Mounted Twin Steer Crane Truck

Cold saw

Drill press

Extensive finishing and polishing equipment

GF saws (pipe/tube cutter)

Guillotine cutting to 5mm stainless, 2.4m long

Lathe and mill

Orbital welders (Orbitalum)


Plate rolls (10mm by 1300mm)

Pull max (knuckling cones, louvring and dishing)

Water Jet Cutter

TIG, MIG and ARC machines

Mobile workshop containers

Solidworks 3D CAD