Water Jet Cutting in Melbourne

At Wallan Engineering, we’ve been the first choice for all water jet cutting services in the Melbourne region for more than 35 years. Water jet cutting is an extremely versatile method industrial fabrication method to cut through hard materials such as granite and steel without generating excessive heat levels, making it a viable option for industries requiring steel fabrication or maintaining equipment. Contact Wallan Engineering to discuss our water jet cutting services and how we can assist with jet cutting and other steel fabrication in Melbourne.

Our Water Jet Cutting Services

We can cut any material safely and economically.

Our Water Jet Cutter has the ability to cut up to 100mm in thickness with a table size of 2700 mm x 1500 mm, cutting virtually any material economically. The cold cutting process means it does not leave heat affected zones (HAZ) which are left by some Laser and Plasma cutters. At Wallan Engineering, we have the ability to run small quantities and prototypes through to large volume production runs with our jet cutting services, and are happy to discuss the benefits of water jet cutting and the needs of our Melbourne customer’s projects at any time. Click here to go to our gallery and view our examples of the water jet cutting services that we provide.

Jet Cutting That You Can Trust

For water jet cutting in Campbellfield, Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and surrounding suburbs, we’re confident that Wallan Engineering can’t be beaten for engineering expertise, service and reliability. Our boilermakers, welders and machinery operators are highly trained and use only the best heavy duty equipment to emphasise our dedication to quality engineering. As well as supplying water jet cutting services to the Melbourne region, we are also experts in workshop fabrication, heavy steel fabrication, and much more.

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